Accordion Partitions

Accordion Partitions

In today’s fast-paced world where strength and durability are required, most of the commercial and residential facilities look for accordion partitions. It is this situation that calls for the rise of a number of manufacturing companies that offer these products for economical space division. As noted, there are almost hundred companies out there offering accordion partitions, and some of them are operating online.

Now, if you are thinking of purchasing accordion or folding doors/partitions, then this page is for you. I have mentioned below a few of the most well-known models of accordion doors or partitions with their brief specifications. Just read on.

Hufcor’s Accordion Partitions

Hufcor’s partitions generally provide fast space division. All you need to do is to pull them away from the wall, stretch across the opening and latch. You are also given the right to add switches, curves and posts to move the partitions to other locations or to intersect them with other accordions, portables or operable walls. These products are now available in single doors or pairs. The Hufcor’s accordion walls, doors or partitions are highly recommended for meeting rooms, classrooms, and religious buildings.

Modernfold’s Accordion Partitions

As claimed, the standard Modernfold’s partitions are the answer when strength and durability are needed, but less stringent sound control is required. Generally, these products highlight three dimensional welded steel frame, heavy-duty track system, as well as extra-strength hinges. With this feature, it’s no wonder that the panels can be extended again and again with a minimum of effort. What is more interesting about the accordion partitions of Modernfold is that they can be acoustically improved for sound absorption with the carpet option.

Kwik-Wall’s Accordion Partitions

Kwik-Wall presents their Accordion 200 Series of partitions just recently. Their partitions are generally designed and crafted for a single purpose, that is, to provide economical space division with a traditional or standard vinyl or carpet finish that is contoured to the three-dimensional welded steel frame. The architectural features of these accordion partitions include steel rust-resistant hinges, balanced frame support, wrinkle prevention construction, and positive stops. What’s more, Kwik-Wall’s partitions have clear anodized structural alloy aluminum track system that highlights a lifetime guarantee in the original installation. Today, these products are made available for use in religious facilities, restaurants, auditoriums, schools, corporate training facilities, and banquet facilities.

Customfold’s Accordion Partitions

Lastly, Customfold is here to provide you with beautiful partitions for you space division needs, whether in shouses of worship, schools, meetings or in social halls. They are double wall, drapery-look partitions that are ceiling supported by the structural grade aluminum track for safety. What’s more, these items have splined-together track sections, and steel bearing wheels for an easy and quick transfer.

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