Beaded Handbags

Beaded Handbags

Gone were the days when designs were strictly just plain in colors, leather in fabric, metal in hardware and zipper in closure. Even as you imagine it, it is simply boring.

With the evolution of time, creations also adopted with the change of trends each season. Designer manufacturers began to inject their personality resulting to eclectic conceptions that may have been brushed off initially but now, it has been widely appreciated. Tropical countries are even the favorite exporters of beaded handbags because of the wealth of natural resources they have that they can be utilized as materials.

Sophie Beaded Handbags
– Long Island is perfect for that summer getaway as you stroll along the silky shores. This spells fun and cool with intricate wooden straps. Its outer shell uses a white cloth with beaded colored stones. The interior is a satin lining that will give that velvety feel upon first touch. It also has a snap closure. Suggested retail price is at $138.
– Olive Peacock is an eye- catching beauty with intricate, dark wooden hoop handles. This will perfectly suit any urban girl as you pair it with a comfy thong and short pants. Its features include a snap closure, inner sating lining and outer cloth with beaded multi- colors. Suggested retail price is at $98.

JuleStone Beaded Handbags
– Lavender Flowers as a center top snap closure that is lined in champagne hue with small pouch in the interior. It also has an attached shoulder cord if ever you are tired of carrying it. It is covered all- over with a velvety vine- like fringe in pastel purple with a stroke of white. At each side, it is adorned with white feathers with numerous silk flowers in shades of plum, rose, brown and lilac. There is also a green beaded tassel that brightens the side and other sports silver charms. Suggested retail price is at $195.
– Coral Feathers uses a satin fabric in salmon- pink color. It does not have a bottom so it can only hang. It features a narrow top at 5 inches, inset sipper closure and lined interior pouch. The base has that great beaded fringe in feminine shades. The front and back has extra- large flowers in cranberry and peach. The white feathers in the otherhand, gently spew from the corners. Suggested retail price is at $195.

Leatherock Beaded Handbags
– Cognac Woven is a large and roomy bag that can accommodate a lot of your everyday essentials. It has a goldtone magnetic snap at the center while the interior is unlined. The beaded medallion has brass studs around edge of the leather with pacific opal crystals. Suggested retail price is at $314.
– Taupe Lasercut is not quite cream but finished on the exterior with a rough interior. It has a comfortable, wide strap that has lacy pattern and scallop edge design. It is adorned with beaded peach champagne crystals. Suggested retail price is at $285.

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