Broward Center of Performing Arts and Theater

Broward Center of Performing Arts and Theater

Not every city and county has been fortunate enough to have a major arts complex. For some, this remains as a dream, but for Broward County and Fort Lauderdale this dream has become a reality since February 26, 1991 up to the present with the opening of the Broward Center of Performing Arts.

With world-class facilities, this center was the fruit of the desire for a venue where people can congregate and watch plays, theater, musicals and other forms of performing arts. Also, the Broward Center of Performing Arts is the answer to the growing clamor for a venue where a growing number of artists in the area can hone and develop their skills.

With a bigger seating capacity, more venues and more facilities, the Broward Center of Performing Arts was a dream come true that has readily expanded to accommodate the ever changing needs of the people of Broward County and Fort Lauderdale. More and more people from Florida are now able to enjoy the facilities that the center has to offer.

This doesn’t mean though that the Broward Center of Performing Arts is just for the constituents of the Sunshine State. Everybody, of all ages, culture and sex is welcome to enter its magnificent and wonderful amenities. All of us will surely find and discover something in Broward Center of Performing Arts to love.

Open the year round, the Broward Center of Performing Arts offers theater, from comedy to tragedy, dances, from modern to ballet, and Musicals, from classical to opera and a lot more. Surely you will be able to find something that you and your family will enjoy watching together.

But the center is not just for performances, they also allow anyone to rent their facilities and with over three thousand seats, you can plan almost any event you want to do there. Also, there is a magnificent catering service being offered and with two theaters available, you can be sure that you can book one in advance. You can just either inform them or book the area through email or you can call them up.

Broward Center of Performing Arts is not just about the building, the interiors and the great designs; it’s also about giving back to the community. That’s why at Broward Center of Performing Arts there are numerous programs for children, young adults and adults where they will be able to learn about performing arts and lots of others through their workshops.

Whether you are in a public or a private school, you can coordinate with the Broward Center of Performing Arts and see if your programs can be integrated. Through their website, you can learn more about this and forge a partnership that will allow the students to broaden their horizons.

For tickets and schedule of shows, you can also find these in their website. You may even schedule tours and other events just by contacting them online. They can even help you find accommodations, set up meals for your group and even provide you with your special needs if you contact them in advance.

So if you’re ever in Florida for whatever reason, take the time to visit Broward Center of Performing Arts. You will surely develop a lot of wonderful memories here.

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