Buying Appropriate Golf Apparel

Buying Appropriate Golf Apparel

Like your clubs, the clothes that you wear on the golf course can both benefit or adversely affect your game. A good golfer wears clothes that not only fit with a golf club’s dress code, but also allow him to play comfortably. Keep reading for some tips on golf apparel basics as well as critical gear for rain and windy conditions.

The Basics

1. Golf Shirt

At a minimum, your golf shirt should have a collar and be clean and pressed. Choose a fabric that breathes easily, like cotton, and a fit that allows you to comfortably move through a full swing. Don’t wear a shirt that is so tight it restricts your mobility.

2. Trousers or Shorts

Trousers should have belt loops and be belted. Shorts are acceptable on the golf course, but choose shorts that are an appropriate length. Also, always test your swing in a new pair of golf pants. You want to have a full range of comfortable motion.

How you dress on the course reflects on you and your attitude toward other players. Never wear jeans, cut-off shorts, sandals or old t-shirts on the course. These will be view as disrespectful of the game and your fellow players.

3. Hat

A hat is invaluable on the course. It keeps the sun out of your eyes, prevents sunburn and helps to keep your head cool. Any clean hat, free from inappropriate slogans will be acceptable on the golf course.

3. Golf Shoes

Most courses will only allow golfers with proper golf shoes on their course. Pick a golf shoe that fits comfortably. To ward off blisters, try breaking them in at home first before you venture off on a long game; and don’t forget to pack a pair of street shoes to wear after your golf round. Some players like waterproof, Gore-tex shoes, which are great for wet climates.

For more inclement weather golf-wear tips, keep reading.

4. Light Jacket

Most golfers like to carry a lightweight jacket in case the weather turns chilly. Choose a compact, portable jacket (usually hip length) that will keep you warm if the sun clouds over or a little bit of drizzle starts.

For a fully waterproof jacket, opt for Gore-Tex. For something that’s water resistant, but a little lighter, choose a Teflon-treated fabric.

5. Heavier Rain Gear

First, you should never golf in a major storm, particularly if there’s thunder and lightning. Your gear and clubs can act like a lightning rod and pose a serious danger. However, if you find yourself in a light rain storm and want to play through, there are gear options available, such as full pant and jacket suits.

The most common material used in these suits is Gore-tex, which ideally should keep you dry and allow your skin to breathe naturally. A vinyl fishermen’s coat won’t do this.

Finally, always opt for clothing that’s clean and in good shape. Golf is traditionally considered a “gentleman’s sport.” It may seem old-fashioned, but how you dress during your round of gold is a reflection of how you view the sport, the course and your fellow players.

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