Campers in Wonderland- Yosemite Campsites

Campers in Wonderland- Yosemite Campsites

Who says camping is for children only are in for a serious reality check. When vacation starts, campsites are filled with all sorts of people. There are families with little kids playing around, high school kids and college kids who are taking a time-off from school and more adventurous people who seek freedom in the woods. Camping as an activity is also a way to strengthen the values of unity and camaraderie. Some may find peace camping alone, to heal old hurts and find time to be with one’s self. Whatever the purpose there is to go camping, it sure is fun especially if you are the kind of person with no Prima Donna attitude.

Yosemite campsites are available for an exciting camping trip. The best seasons to camp are during summer and early autumn. Although camping during winter is possible, it is not highly recommended since the camper must use a four-season tent that can stand against the snow. It is also possible to camp at spring-time but the only disadvantage is that the weather can be cold and rainy.

Several Yosemite campsites are spread all throughout Yosemite giving the people a wide variety of choices. If they want to camp within the Yosemite Valley, there are five campgrounds with about 415 campsites for their selection. The park has over 15 campgrounds for the campers to choose from. Within the Curry Village are campgrounds also which provide tents with make-shift beds and cooking facilities.

Some Yosemite campsites do not only provide you with astonishing facilities but understands the travelers’ budget for a less costly camping trip. One of these campsites is the Yosemite Pines campsite, which advertises its “pay less, get more” slogan. Yosemite campsites at the Yosemite National Park include the Lower Pines, Upper Pines and North Pines Campgrounds.

Other Favorite Yosemite campsites comprise of the High Sierra RV Park & Campground which is full of pine and oak trees, perfect for an exciting hike in the woods. Travelers in this campsite enjoy the onset facilities it offers. Available as well is the Lake McClure and Lake McSwain campsites having a number of 600 spacious campsites with tables, barbeque grills, restrooms and sanitary facilities. It brings complete relaxation.

Camping at the Yosemite campsites is ideal for bringing together fun, adventure, and rebuilding one’s relationship with others and with one’s self. The absence of pollution evident in the air, the waters and the grounds reminds the campers of how beautiful nature would always be if unharmed, and preserved.

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