Coupon Saving Craze Today

Coupon Saving Craze Today

Have you watched the new coupon saving craze reality show on TV? You know the one about people who use an extraordinary number of coupons to buy the food they feed their family with? I watched it last week and was absolutely amazed. Several families had purchased $600 worth of groceries for very little money. One only spent $5. It was incredible to watch.

I used to use coupons and thought I did a great job the time I saved $50 in one shopping trip. These women would have laughed me out of the store. One of them bought $1900 worth of food and paid only $103 for it. I would like to do that one time in my life, I think.

I could be wrong but I think that being able to coupon like that would be a full time job. How would you be able to work and go on a coupon saving craze like that every time you went to the store? Some times these families would have to do more than one transaction to get the saving from all the coupons that they had. Or, they would have to buy ridiculous amounts of one thing to get their savings. sometimes they would clean the shelves to get what they needed.

How would anyone ever have use for 77 bottles of mustard at one time? I can see stocking up and having four or five bottles on hand but 77? I just do not get it. Anyway, if you want to start using coupons there are many sites where you can download them for free or look in the paper every week. There are deals to be had and sometimes it is just a matter of knowing where to look.

Coupons can save you a lot of money over time. Using these tips will help you start saving your own hard earned money. Since everyone has to eat, why not make it less expensive to do so and learn to use coupons.

First, on Sunday, go get the Sunday paper. This is usually where you are going to find the majority of your coupons. Then, make your grocery list. Manufacturer’s usually will put out coupons for things they are going to put on sale. You want to always shop for the things that are on sale. Never pay full price for anything.

Make your list as accurate as possible, or even make your list according to what coupons you have that week. Making your list this way will ensure that you will save big on your grocery bill. Once you have your list and your coupons organized then keep them in a safe place until you go shopping. Another way to save big is to go shopping on a day when the local store offers to double your coupons.

Most will only double a coupon up to $0.55 cents but that means you get $1.10 off whatever it is you are buying. If your item is being sold for $1.00 then the store is paying you a dime to take it off their hands. Get your scissors out and start clipping if you want to be a part of the coupon saving craze.

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