Different Elements of Your Viral e-Book

Different Elements of Your Viral e-Book

Once you have all the resources and information to put in your e-book, it is now time to think how your e-book should look like. As much as possible, you would want to keep your e-book at a professional level. This would earn your e-book more credibility which can mean increase in returns.

The first thing that you have to think about is how your e-book cover should look like. Although you are just making an online document, meaning no papers and printing necessary, electronic books still need a good cover to attract more readers.

Having an inclination to arts and graphic design will surely help in doing the layout of your e-book cover. If you are the type of person who is not really into designing, you can always hire someone to do it for you. You can just give him the details as to how you want the cover to look like and let him use his imagination to create a perfect e-book cover.

The color, main and secondary fonts should be considered in making an eye-catching cover. Here are some general tips to follow when creating the cover of your e-book:

– Use color combinations among these colors: red, blue, black and white.
– If you think of using yellow, you may use it sparingly with black because it has the strongest contrast.
– A strong font is best to use for the main title of the book – it may be Arial Black for short titles and Impact for longer ones.
– Limit the number of fonts used in the cover to three. Having a lot of different fonts will make it look like a mess.
– The cover should contain the following:
a. main title
b. a good subtitle or teaser phrase
c. author’s name
d. URL where the e-book can be found

It is best to keep the cover as simple as possible. A small image and a short title will do just fine. Putting a lot of information in the cover may make it unreadable and unpleasant to the eyes.

Now that you have a good cover for your viral e-book, let us talk about what should be inside it. First of all, your e-book should show first basic information about the book itself such as its copyright information and author’s name with a short biography.

Then, to serve as a guide to the contents of your e-book, you should have a table of contents. This should, more or less, outline the different parts of the book so when a reader wants to go back to a certain portion of the book, he can just jump to the page indicated in the table of contents.

No matter what your purpose is in creating your viral e-book, try to keep it short but contains enough information as much as possible. You would not want to bore your readers reading hundreds of pages on your e-book. This is more applicable when you are creating a viral e-book that serves as a preview of the full-version. This e-book should only contain enough relevant information to gain the reader’s curiosity and make them purchase the full-version.

The layout of the pages on your e-book should be the same all throughout. The pages should be also made as simple as possible yet with a touch of professionalism.

Other than the actual contents and links that you will put on your e-book, you should also add a page that discusses in detail the instructions on how an affiliate can customize the links on your e-book. You would not want to be bothered by a phone call in the middle of the night just to be asked how to rebrand your e-book.

Clear and full instructions on rebranding and customization should be included in the contents of your e-book. This way, the readers can just sign up as your affiliate, then once they have their own affiliate identification or code, they can do their own customization with the instructions you have placed in your e-book.

When you are creating a viral e-book, simplicity is the key. Having a simple yet interesting and informative e-book will increase its chance of being spread to more and more people over the internet. Adding the good rewards and incentives that an affiliate can get in distributing your e-book will definitely give you huge returns in no time.

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