Dressing Tips For College Guys

Dressing Tips For College Guys

What does one need in order to fit into a certain college group? Is dressing that important to a college guy? Will an ugly or fair looking guy be popular if he dresses up nicely? Well, the fact is that there are so many things that can affect your status in a certain college or university. The way you look and the way you dress are among these factors that can affect your value in college society.

If you’re not that good looking but you want to attract attention, here are some dressing tips for college guys. First, dressing up is like an art, you have got to have a bit of imagination and try to go along with them. Imagine yourself or visualize yourself wearing a backstreet boy kind of look and once you think that it suits you. Or you may visualize yourself to an even more mature look like wearing polo shirts or long sleeves with slacks. This type of dressing tips for college guys is among the most basic of all the dressing tips.

Another of these dressing tips for college guys has something to do with color matching. When you buy the clothes that fit you, try to match their colors, like light blue shirt and dark blue or dark pants except brown pants. Among the major dressing tips for college guys is that brown shirts and pants are hard to suit with other types of colors except black and white. You can also experiment on your color combination, meaning; to try to fit the colors of your shirt and pants.

Included in the dressing tips for college guys are the shoes. Shoes are the most neglected part of a college guy’s fashion. Your shoes must be able to suit your shirt and pants. For example, your upper body attire is fit for formal functions and so were your pants; wearing rubber shoes will be a major effect in clashing your style.

One of these dressing tips for college guys has a connection with the weather. You must try to wear clothes appropriately, in terms of the weather. For example, during summer, it is not appropriate to wear clothes that are long like jackets, and clothes that are too thick. These things even though they are basic can have a lot of effect on your social status in your school.

But the best among these dressing tips for college guys is for you to wear clothes that you’re most comfortable of. Being comfortable with what you are wearing can have effects on the way people see you and also the way people treat you.

So far, the dressing tips for college guys that you have read were only the basics. To be able to be aware of some of the dressing tips for college guys, you must try reading fashion magazines which can give you the latest trends and styles.

The television can also give some dressing tips for college guys. In the cable or television, you can see a lot of college students with different looks and styles. There are also some channels that directly give dressing tips for college guys. Whenever you’re watching the television, try visualizing that you are wearing the same clothes as the guys you saw in the TV. See if it suits you.

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