Facts about Spain

Facts about Spain

So you’re planning a trip to Spain. But other than knowing this is the country where people kill bulls for sport and have one fiesta after another in a matter of days, you have basically no idea what Spain has in store for you.

What are the facts about Spain? Before you visit, you need to know things like its population, its capital, language along with local dialects, geography, currency, and visa requirements. Things you can actually use during your visit. In addition, you might also want to know facts about Spain like its cultural traditions, regional customs, and other nuances.

Now, the next question is where can you find facts about Spain?

Other than the obvious travel magazines and brochures and even books, the Internet is also a good place to find facts about Spain. One can even say that the Internet is the best place to find facts about Spain, or any other country for that matter, because the information is always updated and current.

In addition, there are websites and travel blogs that showcase facts about Spain not found in travel magazines – facts such as a charming, out-of-way restaurant or inn, where you can get cheap activities and tours and other useful tidbits.

Below are our top picks of websites that offer facts about Spain:

Spanish Fiestas

The sight offers information about the country of Spain, including but not limited to quick facts, such as area, population, capital and currency, city guides, resort guides, event tickets, and airport transfers.

Notes from Spain

A podcast, forum, and photo blog of Spain travel and tours. It includes blog posts on culture and news, living in Spain, learning Spanish, books and film, food and recipes, photos, and Spain videos. For a more personal look at what Spain is all about, this is a good place to check out.

Spain Travel Tour

Spain Travel Tour is a straightforward travel blog that contains facts about Spain as well as brief accounts or travelogues by the author. Here you will find special posts on Spanish popular recipes, where to shop for clothes for both men and women, and accounts of interesting aspects of Spanish culture and custom. Everything from a brief account of the Spanish Flamenco, the Spanish Version of the Fried Potato, and hotel reviews can be found here. The only downside is that the blog is not equipped with a search tool to make it easier for you to search through its archive to look for specific facts about Spain.

Go to Spain

A good-looking site that features articles about Spain with a focus on the country’s world heritage sites, music and culture, and other interesting things to see and do in this sunny country. In addition, the site also has special sections for each of the Spanish regions, beginning with Andalucia in South Spain, Cantabria, and Valencia.

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