Fiji hotels — a good treat after a long and fun day

Fiji hotels — a good treat after a long and fun day

After a full but fun day of frolicking and enjoying a beautiful island — strolling the shore and playing with the underwater creatures, what would be a good way to end the day? Definitely, it would be a treat to return to the hotel and pamper yourself. It’s also true when you spend your vacation in the Fiji islands, there are many hotels in each island that you can choose whichever suits your taste.

Fiji has been a one of the preferred vacation and relaxation destinations of the South Pacific, and because of this, more and more resorts and hotels are prospering and accommodating the island’s guests and tourists. Each island has its own traditional or contemporary style, so when you do visit these islands, go for the one that you feel matches the mood of your vacation.

Some of the numerous hotels of the area are: Nukuaweni Outpost which is found in Gau; Waisalima Beach & Dive Centre, and Vatulele Island Resort, which are found in the Outer Islands; Rukuruku Resort which is found in Ovalau; Maravu Plantation Resort which is found in Taveuni; Dir, Treasure Island Resort, Raki Raki Hotel, Shangri-la’s Fijian Resort, Sheraton Denarau Villas, Sheraton Fiji Resort, Naviti Sigatoka, Tanoa International, Warwick Fiji, Mocambo, Dominion International, Sandalwood Inn, Skylodge, Club Fiji, Sheraton Royal Denarau Resort, Centra Resort, Tubakula Beach Bungalows, South Seas Private Hotel, Travel Inn, Centra Hotel, and The Wakaya Club, which are all found in the islands of Viti Levu; Shangri-la Resort which is found in Yanuka; and Turtle Island which is located in the Yasawa Group. These Fiji hotels stand for what is truly Fijian, so don’t worry about your long day spent outside and under the sun, because you can enjoy your night with a wonderful treat at these hotels.

Fiji hotels offer different services and amenities, so if you are very particular with the hotels’ features, then make sure you inquire about this before going there, try checking it out first with your travel agents, friends who have been to those places, or through the internet. It would be good to have all the wants you have in just one Fiji hotel, but there are Fiji hotels, which don’t offer that, as part of their service so it’s up to you how you weigh your preferences. For example, one hotel may have a spa but the other one doesn’t have, yet the one that has no spa services may have a gym and music lounge which are not found in the hotel that offers the spa. There may be hotels that have big swimming pools in it but others may not have this facility.

As long as you know what to expect, and you like whatever is offered, then go for it. What really matters is you can end the day with a smile on your face despite the long and full-scheduled day.

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