Film Production Schools

Film Production Schools

Several people believe that going to film production schools trying to learn all about film, television or radio producing is a waste of both time and money. According to them, it is far more advantageous to learn all the nuances of film production by directly working within the industry itself rather than studying it from behind the walls of the academe.

But while there is some value in the hands-on experience of industry apprenticeship, the formal training that you get from film production schools is indispensable. This is especially true with the advances in the filmmaking process.

For instance, digital filmmaking is the latest trend. In fact, many industry experts claim that digital arts media is the future of filmmaking. It’s not that hard to imagine. Film is expensive.

Video, especially digital video, on the other hand, is much cheaper. Plus, with a computer, a digital editing software, and some knowledge in digital film technology, learning how to make movies is becoming more and more technical. So if you want to stay in touch with current cinema trends, then the best choice for you is to take up some courses offered by film production schools.

But choosing the right film production schools can be difficult. What with the number of film schools cropping up each year and all of them exclaiming to be one of the top schools in the nation, you need to be more prudent and practical in your choice of film production schools.

Consider the following common features of film production schools to help you choose the right one:


It is only natural to want to enroll in film production schools that can offer you facilities where you can apply the knowledge you gain from the classroom. So features like studios, preview centers, post production labs and other facilities are important. Be sure to choose film production schools that have all of these. And not only that but also make sure that these facilities are up to industry standards.


The faculty is arguably the most important feature in any film production school. It is composed of your mentors, professors, or industry veterans who have the experience and the background in film industry to be able to impart to you golden nuggets of knowledge that you can use once it’s your turn to break into the business. They offer you technical tips on the proper way of doing things or they could be the vehicles that ignite your passion for filmmaking. Whatever the case may be, the faculty is definitely an important consideration.

Training Procedure

You want film production schools that give more emphasis on practical training and hands-on workshops. Theories, you can do that on your own by reading up on film production books. What is priceless and important is the practical experience you get from workshops and trainings.

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