Finding A Book Report Example Is An Easy Task

Finding A Book Report Example Is An Easy Task

If you have been assigned a book report and are a bit confused, frustrated, or hesitant, there is a huge temptation to dump the project.

This is understandable because the task seems complicated, which is further worsened by the fact that you’ve never seen a book report example, not to talk of a written one. The best way to go is to start searching for model book report examples, and your first step is to ASK PEOPLE.

One basic method of learning is by practicing what we’ve seen, which is different from copying. We learn by imitating how someone performed a task, the skills employed, the voice that best suits the job, and the length that got a good grade. And here are list of people you can consult for a book report example:

The best person to consult is the teacher who assigned you the book report job, or better still, you can ask someone you consider as a mentor.

Parents, siblings, and friends who have been there, and seen it all, are next on the rung of people to consult.

Librarians are also good sources of book report examples, but be sure to distinguish between the reports and the review from whomever you are consulting.

Use How-to-books. And below are books that will at the least contain one book report example, as well:

Elizabeth James’ How to write a book report is a student survival guide that provides a description of a book report.

There are chapters on how to select books to read, using the library, and many more about how to put in place writing draft, and oral reports. The book capped it all with a four page sample of book reports.

Dawn B. Sova’s How to write book report is a step by step approach about writing book reports, spotting the difference between reports and reviews, qualifications of reviewers, and note taking for reports. This book went a step further by adding sample reports and reviews.

The use of quality websites is also an important factor. Use good sites as you would for a school assignment to search for book report examples.

Ensure that you avoid sites that use illegal methods or those that offer inferior materials. Here are some lists of quality websites that provide book report examples and review samples:, is a good site that has a section called “Reading Matters” provides a recommendation of the best book in released in the last thirty days, this it calls book of the month. provides examples of book reports. This site also gives a check list of points you will include in your book report.

Regardless of the path you tread, you must have it at the back of your mind that in the end you your own reporter, so you need to select a book you care about, so that you will find it easy not only to read, but to also write about.

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