Get Dressed in your Closet

Get Dressed in your Closet

Don’t literally get dressed in your closet, unless you have a walk-in closet that can accommodate you. But put everything in one place for when you get dressed in the morning. Why put your under things in a dresser on one side of your room and then head over to the other to get your pants and then decide the shirt you want is back in the dresser – you get the idea. Instead use the ideas below to keep everything you need in to get dressed in the morning in one place.

* If you do not have room in your closet for your dresser or another drawer system for your socks and other underwear, consider moving your dresser closer to your closet for easy access.
* Keep your jewelry in your closet either in a jewelry box or little baskets arranged by type or style.
* If you are able to move everything from your dresser into your closet, use your dresser for out-of-season items.
* Install a valet hook and hang out your outfit the night before.
* Have everything in the closet grouped together by type of clothing and occasion, if a last minute substitution has to be made this will make the process quicker and easier.

Whether you are getting ready for work in the morning or for a night out in the evening, getting dressed can be a stressful event if you can’t find what you are looking for. By having an organized closet with everything in one convenient place you can make getting ready easier. If you are one that is prone to trying on many outfits prior to making a decision on what to wear, make yourself put away all the cast-offs it will save you a headache next time.

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