Greece Travel Tips

Greece Travel Tips

Yamas! You might come across this several times during your visit to Greece. Even if the country has several ancient beliefs, the word “yamas” is not a black magic prayer. It is actually a kind of greeting, like “cheers”, and literally means “our health”.

Knowing the best places in Greece is not enough to assure a great vacation. The Greeks are basically united citizens as reflected in the large percentage of the population that make up the same religion. They are strongly in touch with their cultural heritage and are very firm in their ancient beliefs.

Useful Greece travel tips include knowing what the country can offer during the different seasons. Anytime is actually a good time to travel to Greece. If winter means harsh cold weather in other countries, it is generally one of the best seasons in Greece. Fewer crowds mean more opportunity to explore the country.

Make sure that you learn more than a thing or two of the Greek language as English is not so widely spoken in the country. Tipping is left to the discretion of the tourists. Bills generally include the service charge, however, it is still common practice to tip in tourist areas and establishments such as restaurants. Unlike the U.S., Greece utilizes 220 volts electricity. These Greece travel tips are very basic, yet very important.

Tourists are mostly “excused” from the local dress code. Attire is probably one of the most neglected among the Greece travel tips. Most guests can be seen walking around in their beach wear which are not exactly a taboo. However, Greeks would appreciate it if tourist will slip on something more proper especially when entering sacred places like churches.

If you want to get more acquainted with Greece, you should be willing to travel its various small towns and not just its bustling cities. Greece travel tips will surely come in handy. A lot of tour guides have been recipient of questions that pertain mostly to ancient beliefs of the Greek. You might see locals making the sign of the cross without any obvious cause. Or you might see a local spitting at someone right after he pays that person a compliment. Part of Greece travel tips is differentiating a crazy person from someone that is merely manifesting his beliefs. These may all sound very weird to you, but are actually just an expression of their ancient practices.

Greeks today still believe in the Evil Eye as much as we all believe that death is inevitable. And this belief is expressed in bizarre customs. Most Greece travel tips will stress how devout Greeks are to their faith, and laughing your head off at their strange practices may give you more than just gas pains.

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