Hot Tips and Ideas for Your Sanibel Island Vacation

Hot Tips and Ideas for Your Sanibel Island Vacation

Sanibel Island is a barrier island off the southwest coast of Florida. It is beloved for its beautiful white sand beaches, the richness of seashells and the huge variety of wildlife that calls Sanibel Island home.

Well, there is really much to say about Sanibel Island. If you are planning for a Sanibel Island vacation and you want it memorable, below are some of the hottest tips and ideas for your ultimate Sanibel Island vacation. Please read on.

What to Pack

Before you take your trip to Sanibel Island, prepare the necessary things to bring. One of those is perhaps a pair of binoculars. Note that wildlife on Sanibel Island, and even on its little sister Captiva Island, is shockingly abundant. If you take your Sanibel Island vacation without a pair of binoculars, you will surely miss out of it for this wildlife also come in handy at the beach.

If you are considering your Sanibel Island vacation in summer, pack cotton. Sanibel Island has tropical climates, thus tough in synthetic fabrics. Also, pack your sunblock. Bring it and use it during your Sanibel Island vacation for the fact that the sand and water in the island both reflect the sun’s rays so it is possible that you will get a bad burn even under an umbrella or on a cloudy day.

Also, if you plan to boat during your Sanibel Island vacation, then you should bring a long sleeve cotton shirt to block the sun rays. However, for your fall or autumn Sanibel Island vacation, bring a windbreaker or light sweater.

Sandals are also great. Sanibel Island has lots of shops that sell them, including flip-flops. So, when you arrive on the island, you can easily shop for your footwear. Another great idea is to bring a visor or cap. You can also buy this item when you arrive if you don’t have one at home.

Lastly, bring polarized sunglasses on your Sanibel Island vacation as this will change your entire vacation. But, if you don’t own a pair, make it a priority to pick up an inexpensive pair when you arrive at the island. This will help you tremendously with your sea shelling, fishing, boating and sightseeing.

What to Wear

In Sanibel Island, jackets are not necessary for men, unless planning a really elegant evening somewhere. Also, note that in Sanibel Island, no restaurant requires a jacket. Pants or short and a nice shirt are commonly worn to dinner by men. Remember that you are on a Sanibel Island vacation, so be casual, but not too casual. Also, on your Sanibel Island vacation, avoid walking down Periwinkle Way or go to the grocery in your swimsuit for you will look silly. Another idea is never to wear oversized tank tops in restaurants.


Sanibel Island is well-known for its great sea shells. So if you plan a Sanibel Island vacation to discover its wonderful shelling, note that great shells don’t always wash up on the beach. To find them, get out there at low tide, in water up to your knees. Walk slowly and carry a bag for your finds. But, whatever you do, don’t you ever take live shells, sanddollars, starfish or sea urchins for in Sanibel Island it is illegal and the fines are hefty. Just take the empty shells. That’s it!

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