How To Compare Low Cost Long Term Care Insurance In Arizona

How To Compare Low Cost Long Term Care Insurance In Arizona

When comparing low cost long-term health insurance, Arizona residents must compare facilities on an apple-to-apple basis. To compare an Assisted living facility to a nursing home, will do nothing but frustrate you and may be the cause of making an uninformed decision. Below we’ll discuss the differences of a few of the long-term care facilities. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Do your research to find out all of the different types of long term care facilities to help you to make an informed decision:

1. Adult Day Care: This type of care provides health-monitoring services such as checking blood pressure, ensuring the patient is getting adequate amounts of food/liquid. They also ensure brain stimulation by engaging the patient in social activities and physical activities. If necessary they will help with personal hygiene performing tasks such as helping with bathing, shampooing, shaving and toileting.

2. Assisted Living: Assisted living facilities provide help for people that require assistance with their daily living activities, but do not require 24 hour 7 day a week help. In essence assisted living is the step in between living at home and moving into a nursing home full time. Depending on the facility, some of the services provided are cooking, bathing, laundry, dressing, housekeeping and medication.

3. Hospice: Hospice provides services to patients who are terminally ill. Hospice provides pain management, medical care, spiritual and emotional support. These services may be provided in the patient’s home or in a facility. Hospice’s philosophy is to make the patient’s final days pain free, lived with dignity and provide the best quality of life as possible.

4. Nursing Home: Nursing Homes are in house facilities that provide both recuperative and non-recuperative long-term care. Although generally considered a place for the elderly, nursing home patients may range in age from young to old. These facilities provide 24-hour care for patients who are unable to care for themselves whether it is a result of aging, illness or physical disability.

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