How To Easily Obtain A Basic And Elegant Style—Without Going Bankrupt!

How To Easily Obtain A Basic And Elegant Style—Without Going Bankrupt!

With each new season, a new trend appears. The time comes when one does not know what to do to keep up with the fashions! And worst of all, everything gets so complicated and then boils down to the question, What should I wear?

Has this ever happened to you? You have to dress up to go somewhere, to an informal meeting or to a dinner out with friends, and you don’t know what to put on… If this has happened to you, most likely you don’t have a good wardrobe base. Keep on reading this newsletter, and we’ll show you how to create one:

How can the everyday woman keep an updated wardrobe at all times?
Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly or even Gwyneth Paltrow are figures of female elegance. All of them have in common what sets them apart: a unique and non-transferable style; they are not slaves to trends—they use them to add new touches to their classic and personal style.

What is the key, then, to being stylish?
They key to developing a simple yet elegant style is buying clothing items that are basic and vital, taking advantage of the multiple combinations that these will allow.

These key components of your wardrobe are the ones that ensure that you’ll never find yourself without anything to put on.

You should spend whatever is necessary to get these articles, always keeping your budget in mind, of course.

They also have the added advantage of reducing the time you spend on deciding what to put on or what to pack in a suitcase when you travel.


The following points describe your wardrobe’s basic essentials and how to get maximum benefit from them:

1. The super basics: Lingerie that adapts itself to you.
Start the house at the foundation, not at the roof.

First of all, make sure that you know your bra size well. Many women use bras that are not their size. The correct bra size will make your clothing look better on you; you’ll feel more comfortable and you won’t have to spend the entire day adjusting it.

TIP: Underwear must be comfortable and made of cotton or a percentage of cotton. Buy underwear that is elastic and that moves with your movements and that is not noticeable beneath your clothing.

2. A stylish suit: The classic basic for all seasons.
Every woman needs a suit.

Black is the best option, but if you wish to look more relaxed, try beige, dark green or a color that you like and that’s not too bright so that it won’t go out of style too quickly.

TIP: You should buy the suit, especially a black, brown or neutral one, together with a skirt for the same suit. Many suits come with a skirt or pants; what’s ideal is to buy both so that you have more options.

• Get the most out of your suit:

You can use the pantsuit with a business shirt to look elegant.
You can use the skirt and jacket with a suitable shirt to look feminine.
You can combine the pants with a sweater, tank top or cami.
Or you can combine the jacket with jeans for a weekend look.
You can wear the skirt with a sexy blouse to go out to dinner in the evening.

3. The indispensable little black dress
It’s essential to have a “little black dress” hanging in your closet (how “little” the dress is depends on you and what you feel comfortable with).

TIP: It’s better to buy a dress with a classic cut, staying away from anything excessively revealing; that way you’ll be able to use it on any occasion.

• Get the most out of your black dress:

You can wear it with high heels to go out in the evening. If you put your hair up and use a stole, you’ll give it a very elegant touch.

You can also combine it with high-heeled sandals, slicking your hair back with gel for a sexy and glamorous look.

You can combine it with a knit jacket and flats to use it during the day.

4. An absolute must for all seasons: jeans.
It’s very unusual to find a woman today who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in her closet.

The difficulty arises in choosing the jeans that are the most appropriate for you among the immense variety that is available.

TIP: Visit the greatest possible number of stores and try on all the jeans that are necessary until you find the ones that favor you the most. It’s important that they be somewhat elastic so that they adapt to your figure and are more comfortable to wear. Try to choose a darker cloth, which will give you a more slender and elegant figure. Don’t be afraid of the mirror; look at yourself thoroughly from all available angles. Sit down, bend forward, move until you are assured that they’re comfortable. Lastly, don’t forget that the length of the jeans should adapt to the height of the shoe you plan on wearing.

• Get the most out of your jeans:

You can wear them with a suit jacket and a T-shirt for an informal look.
You can wear them with sneakers and a sweater for a sporty and comfortable look.
You can wear them with heels and a studded rhinestone top to go out in the evening and look fantastic.
You can combine them with a business shirt…

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