How To Make Great Router Tables

How To Make Great Router Tables

Router tables are a very valuable tool for wood working. It is difficult to shape wood without one. Eventually, if you continue wood working, you will need one of these. You can purchase them already built, but they are quite expensive. Another option is to build your own table. You can find router table plans free on the internet.

Building Router Tables

You can choose between permanent or folding tables. Folding is a good choice for smaller spaces. These can be folded and put against a wall in the garage or basement when not in use. Permanent tables will stay in one place. These tend to be more stable. A permanent table is a good choice if you have room in your workshop and you use the router frequently. It can be a hassle to take it down and set it back up again. Selecting wood is an important component for building a table. You want to choose durable, good quality wood. The better the materials the more sturdy the table. You want to create a table that will last for years to come.

Plans vary, but in general the base of the table is built first. Be sure the legs are cut the exact same size and the cuts are square. You want to be sure the table will stand well without wobbling. Once the pieces are cut, you will want to sand all surfaces to be completely smooth. Use a planer or belt sander to be sure the surfaces are smooth. The supports for the sides and back are built next, followed by the table top. For the top, you will use hardwood or plywood and then cover this with a laminate. If you plan to use plywood, be sure to choose a furniture grade material. These are heavier and stronger than the typical particleboard.

To make the building process easier, you can buy a table top that is ready made for the router table. These feature high pressure laminate, channel guides and miter gauges. Look for a large size of about twenty four by thirty two inches. This provides an ample work space for your projects.
You can also get a complete table system. These often include a steel stand and everything you need to put together a durable piece of equipment. Look for features like anti vibration leg levellers and a snap out center disk to make your table easier to work with and more convenient.

A deluxe table system has a cabinet to catch and remove the dust. The dust is removed through the bit opening and deposited into the vented cabinet. This not only keeps the area clean, but prevents the motor from overheating.

Consider additional items that you may want when designing your table. A router fence vacuum attachment is a great feature. The adapter attaches to the fence and will fit any dust collector or vacuum hose. These are great for sucking up chips and sawdust and keeping your work space clean.

Plans for Router Tables

You can find plans for a table on the internet. Some sites offer them for free and others charge for them. When choosing plans for your table, choose carefully. Consider the features you want in the table. You want to be sure it is functional and suited for the amount of use your router gets.

Size is another factor when choosing plans. You want to be sure the table is large enough to provide sufficient work space. Consider features such as cabinets under the table and drawers. These are great for storing tools and drawers are perfect for smaller items.

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