How to Play Bingo on the iPhone

BK8 Casino is amongst the leading Asian online betting portals. This online betting hub enjoys a considerable high reputation within Southeast Asia, especially amongst Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia players. The site formerly known as Bola King was rebranded to BK8 because it expanded beyond just online sports betting services a few years ago. The portal was successful for several years before it decided to make some key strategic changes which made it stand out from the crowd. In this article we look at some of these changes and consider how successful they have been from a financial point of view for both operators and users.

Firstly, all bonuses at BK8 now come in the form of credits. These credits can be used to play one or many live games, and once the player has accrued a certain amount of bonus points they can redeem them for a range of merchandise including gift cards, credits and spins at their favourite slot machine games. As well as this, they are still awarded virtual cash bonuses points by playing certain casino gaming methods. At the time of writing, these bonuses can be credited to either play straight slots games or progressive slots – though the latter may soon change!

From an operators point of view, these changes have been welcomed because they enable BK8 to offer a much wider range of gaming portfolio. While previously they had focused on offering only online casinos and sports betting, they have now expanded their services in line with the rapidly growing trend of internet gambling in Asia. A further significant development is that they are now the fourth largest online casino operator in Asia behind only Playtech, ACG and Unibet. Given their status as one of the leading online betting companies in Asia, it comes as little surprise that they have seen such growth.

As well as this, bk8 have also seen opportunities to expand their casino operations into Malaysia, with plans to launch a flagship casino in Kuala Lumpur. They are yet to open this facility, but have already begun taking on members. The company’s first ever casino will feature slots and bingo, but is not expected to include other genres of online gaming. At present, the company offers a service that aims to bridge the gap between players looking for something more substantial to play, and players looking for something that doesn’t involve actual gambling (although there are several other benefits of playing through bk8’s interface). These benefits are designed to entice players away from casino games, and towards other games that bk8 feel are more fitting for their brand.

Mobile casinos are also another opportunity that the mobile based gaming company is taking advantage of to promote its games. Mobile phones are fast becoming the device of choice for people across Asia, especially in countries such as Malaysia where online gambling is both very popular and commonplace. By allowing mobile players to play bk8 live games without having to be present at the actual site, bk8 is attempting to tap into this market. Although this doesn’t seem likely to succeed in the long term – it remains to be seen whether there is enough demand for mobile versions of these games to warrant opening new casinos in new cities.

Perhaps one of the most important things that bk8 is doing, however, is that they’re taking full advantage of the latest technology to make their mobile slots as realistic as possible. By using the High Def System, or HD, players can see the game like no other, and will have more of a chance of winning. In the case of baccarat, this includes a two-sided, 3D baccarat table that looks like a traditional casino table. However, instead of playing tiles by moving them around a wheel, players get to select which tile they want by viewing it on a computer screen. While this may seem like just an advanced feature, it’s likely that many of these mobile casinos will be able to implement High Def System-based baccarat games onto a broader range of platforms, including both computers and mobiles.

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