One’s travel interest to Italy would not only be triggered by a crave for the world’s best pasta or for a taste of its famous espresso. Historic and romantic sights are abundant in Italy. Tourists come with different purpose and expectations, but each one would agree that having information on Italy travel is like going to a battle in full gear.

A trip to Italy in August would most likely let you see several shops and restaurants closed for vacation. However, Italy’s popular cities are crammed with tourists. It probably isn’t the best time of the year to visit Italy; however, for most of its cities, August is typically a low season for hotels. Cheap rates can therefore be found on city hotels.

There is plenty of information on Italy travel available on the internet. You can access a list of hotels, villas, and other places you may want to stay at during your trip. Suggestions on fun activities that can be done are also discussed in those Italy travel sites. A particular information on Italy travel that is very helpful to those who wish to travel extensively is the list of the top cities to visit while in Italy. Of course this may be very subjective but if you’re taking a trip to Italy for the first time, this might be a big help.

Traveling from one city to another in Italy can be best done by train. The train system in Italy is very vast but inexpensive, so driving in Italian cities is not a top choice. Most cities can ideally be toured by walking since some parts may be closed for transportation.

Rome, the capital, is one of the top choices to visit, and is probably the most popular city in Italy. The Vatican and St. Peter’s are just two of the famous landmarks that can be found in Rome.

Venice is definitely Italy’s most breathtaking and romantic city. Built in the middle of a lagoon, Venice is a favorite spot for couples.

Florence is the art paradise. Famous paintings and sculptures can be found in its museums.

Turin is an important cultural hub. It has numerous historic landmarks, luxurious shops and fine restaurants.

Milan is the place for those who want to shop. It is also known for its galleries and restaurants.

Bologna is a city in Italy famous for its cuisine and left-wing politics. It is home to Europe’s oldest universities.

Perugia has a University for Foreigners where it is a good place to learn Italian. It is located in the middle of Italy, a city on a hilltop, promising nice views of the valley below.
Information on Italy travel can contain maps of the place, activities to do, sights to see, culture to experience, food to taste, and people to love. And ultimately, with all these, information on Italy travel will then tell you the very reasons for a visit!

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