Internet Explorer 7 Overall Outlook

Internet Explorer 7 Overall Outlook

While most of you have most likely thought after sometime IE6 was just old, clunky, out of date you will be glad that Internet Explorer 7 is arriving. Why you may ask? Well I can answer that one. Below are a list of newly introduced features / security enhancements to be made in IE7.

Internet Explorer 7’s new features:

RSS Reader – Stay up to date on the most important sites you visit with the new RSS Reader. Keep in touch with new forum post or breaking news right within Internet Explorer.

Anti-Phishing Filter – Have you been a victim of Identity Theft? Internet Explorer 7 now protects you from Phishing (Identity Theft) by blocking known sites to steal your identity. You can report sites as well to be blocked by the Anti-Phishing filter.

Improved Security – With Internet Explorer 7 ActiveX Controls are disabled by default that were not used in Internet Explorer 6. With this Internet Explorer 7’s security is very much improved.

Tab Browsing – Another welcomed feature that currently is in with Firefox web browser.

Improved Standards Support – Another lacking feature of Internet Explorer 6 is standards support. With the birth of Internet Explorer 7 you have now a much better browser with the very much needed standards support.

Windows Vista IE Security = Just WOW

With the release of Windows Vista due by early 2007 the improved security with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 both combined make a wonder product upgrade. Internet Explorer 7’s protected mode is built upon the user account protection features in Windows Vista. With this new security innovation Internet Explorer now runs with low system rights protecting stuff like things executing like Internet Explorer 6 has been known to do. This will cut the amount of unwanted spyware/adware/malware from even installing by itself simply by visiting a vulnerable website.

Overall Conclusion

Internet Explorer 7 is a much welcomed upgrade over any other previous version. Internet Explorer 7’s security will be as good or better then Mozilla Firefox. And the welcome of Tab Browsing will make users very organized as well. Internet Explorer 7 will for sure take some of the marketshare Firefox stole. Overall though Internet Explorer 7 is as well designed product from Microsoft.

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