Internet Security Issues

Internet Security Issues

The internet has been the source of free and valuable information that interests a wide variety of people. Almost everyone is now connected to the internet. Some would access the internet in the privacy of their own homes, or in internet cafes around. Internet connectivity increases every year.

One of the major concerns though in internet connectivity is security. Internet users can never be that safe when online. While most may be of valid purpose in surfing the web, some are adventurous in their internet activities. These internet security issues include the presence of viruses in the computer, spyware on the internet browser, online identity theft, phishing, spam, and hacking of computer networks.

Security issues with the internet browser and the email are among the most common. These are the points where most viruses and spyware are spread throughout the network.

One should be careful as well on websites browsed in the process of surfing the web, as some sites are not safe. Downloading files on websites should only be done if the sites can be trusted. Opening files from email attachments should not be taken lightly as this could also be executable files which when ran, will execute malicious scripts and may destroy computer files.

Internet Security should be taken seriously. Appropriate actions and preventive measures should be taken by any responsible internet user. As with companies with internet presence and internet transactions, anti-virus softwares are deployed. The use of firewalls have also been effective in implementing a total internet security.

Various internet security software are available in the internet. Depending upon one’s budget and level of security needed, there are a lot of choices out there. There are those from Norton Anti-virus, PC-Cillin, & Mc-Afee. There are also those that come as shareware security software programs, and some absolutely free like the AVG Anti-virus from, and Kerio personal firewall from

Security Issues though have been an on-going problem. Each time a new anti-virus is out to combat computer viruses, newer versions of viruses are coming in, more than the latest anti-virus versions are capable of containing. As much as antivirus softwares try to catch-up, hackers are always one step ahead and are very creative in manipulating loopholes inherent in any software, computer, and network.

One can only be careful, even with the antivirus and firewalls built-in in the computer for security. No one can ever be that safe. The internet security issues will always be a challenge for the internet community.

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