Letting Excel-FR Comfortouch Keep You Safe

Letting Excel-FR Comfortouch Keep You Safe

As a hardworking man or woman chances are pretty good you have found the need for specialty work wear. This often ranges from medical professionals all the way to foundry professionals. Needless to say, when you need hardworking work wear, you know you can trust Excel FR Comfortouch for all of your flame resistant needs.

Excel FR Comfortouch is made from the best fabric on earth when it comes to offering flame protection: Bulwark®. This is a heavy duty fabric specifically designed to withstand the rigorous conditions that often put you or your loved one in the fire.

You need unbeatable protection; you need long lasting protection. That is Excel FR Comfortouch’s job – to keep you safe longer.

With this line of flame resistant work wear you will find you have the comfort of cotton with the durability of nylon. The cotton / nylon blend is 88% / 12% offering you the best of both worlds. These particular work wear pieces are engineered to work for the life of your new garment offering the same flame resistance protection a century down the road that it offers the first day. Nobody understands your needs like Excel FR Comfortouch.

There are multiple categories you have to choose from:


These shirts are designed to be great looking as well as protective and professional. You get your choice of colors, and the long sleeves with secure cuffs offers you total torso protection. There are even pockets on the front to add to the functionality of this high quality, superiorly constructed work wear. This is a favorite among many individuals because they look like everyday work shirts, but add the protection of fire resistance.


Of course, you will find you need pants or trousers. These particular pants or trousers are perfect for protecting you from the waist down. They look good enough you can wear anywhere, but when you need protection form the flames you will find this is one piece of work wear that takes a beating and keeps on ticking. These FR pants or trousers come in an array of sizes and colors to give you the choices you want while getting the protection you need.

Unlined Coveralls / Bib Overalls

When you need a bit of extra support in your FR work wear, you will find these unlined bill overalls and unlined coveralls offer you the ability to work without a belt. No possibilities of your pants or trousers falling down, or for your shirt to come untucked. These unlined coveralls and unlined bib overalls offer you full protection. Because they are unlined, you will find you can purchase separate liners, or even get the protection without a lot of addition weight.

Hoods / Jackets / Parkas

Excel FR Comfortouch offers a complete line of accessories that will help complete your working ensemble. You get hoods, parkas, and jackets that all offer the same level of protection and perfection. Nothing can complete your safe working day like trusting the company that brings you the finest in Bulwark® apparel. More people that know trust the name Excel when it comes to fire resistant work wear.

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