Maximizing your Video Conferencing Facilities

Maximizing your Video Conferencing Facilities

As more people are using video conferencing to do conduct brainstorming, meetings and trainings so too are the number of video conferencing facilities all across the country.

Some of these video conferencing facilities can be found in hotels and universities. You have the option to use 3 ISDN lines to connect to another party even if it is possible to do so using just one or two. The reason why three are used though is to enhance the audio and visual quality that is assuming that whoever you are talking to can accept all three.

The video conferencing facilities in some cases are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and charge on an hourly basis.

The rates vary depending on who will be renting the place so if you are a student, it going to be much cheaper than the one that a corporation has to pay. Weekday rates are also much cheaper than during weekends.

With the price you pay, you also get a technician to make sure that everything is running smoothly. This person will come in handy should you be interacting with more than three sites simultaneously as he or she will make sure that there is a bridge connection.

People who will be renting a video conferencing facility should reserve early so no one else will take their scheduled time. To avoid paying for the slot allotted should there be a cancellation, you are advised to inform them.

To maximize the time in any video conferencing facility, someone should be designated as moderator so the lecture or the objectives of the meeting are not interrupted.

The setup of video conferencing facilities varies at each location. You will have the basics like a camera, microphone, screen but the processor or codec available depends on what they have chosen to buy and serve to the public.

If you are worried that people outside will hear what is happening inside, no need to worry because most of these facilities are soundproof.

For those who are happy with the video conferencing facility they have rented, you can ask the administration if there is a discount should this be used on a regular basis. Some give this generously while others don’t.

As for payment for the use of video conferencing facilities, the bill will only be given to you after the conference has been concluded. This is because although they know how long you will be using it, there are times that you may have to extend beyond this time which they can honor as long as no one else will be using it.

Given that there are a lot of video conferencing facilities around, what should the basis be for choosing one venue over another one? Aside from price, you should check what kind of equipment they use, if this is compatible with the version that the party is using, if you are able to send and receive data as well as the ability to record the meeting so this can be later reviewed.

If the video conferencing facility is up to standards, then you can see how things work out and decide whether or not to use them again in the future. If you are not content, look in the directory or surf online because there is sure to be another venue that can offer something better so you can maximize the time you have during your video conference.

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