Obese Women – Slim Down Now Or Live To Regret It

Obese Women – Slim Down Now Or Live To Regret It

Ok so it is easy to say to obese women, you need to slim down but the fact of the matter is that you are running a huge risk to your health by being so overweight. Having an outsized waist line also makes shopping more difficult as aside from the embarrassment factor in the changing rooms, the type and style of clothes available are not always the most fashionable.

So what can you do about it? You know you need to lose weight but you have to be careful how you approach this. The key is to take things slowly. You didn’t become obese overnight so you are not going to shed all those pounds really quickly. In fact losing weight too fast could create a whole new range of health problems.

You first need to consult your doctor. He will check your body mass index. Women with a BMI over 30 need to be properly supervised when undertaking a new healthy living regime. You need to gradually introduce exercise into your life. The good news for fat women, is that although it may be difficult to start being more physically active, you will see results very quickly. Large women tend to lose pounds quicker than skinny women.

You don’t need to join a gym if you don’t want to. Walking is a great form of exercise and it is free. Take things slowly at first but build up your speed as going for a leisurely stroll is not going to burn calories. With practice you will get faster.

In the meantime you need to address your diet. This doesn’t just mean what you eat although obviously that will play a part but you also need to address how you eat. Generally speaking we all overeat. We have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and let them tell us when we are full. We serve portions of food on big plates and have become accustomed to clearing our plates. So the meal is over when the plate is clean not when we are full.

The first step in your healthy eating regime is to reduce portion sizes. It is best to also reduce the size of the plates you use as otherwise you could feel deprived if your food portion is not covering your plate. These little mind games are part of your road to success. The next step is to start cooking your meals from scratch. Only then do you know what you are eating. Shop bought convenience food often contains hidden fats and sugars. They are put in to make the food taste better and last longer. By cooking your own meals, you will reduce your calorie intake without even trying. You don’t have to be a masterchef. Simple home cooking is fine.

Being obese, women will be looking to achieve results very quickly. By putting these tips in place, you will see results a lot sooner than you think. These small successes will motivate you to continue on your quest to slimming down and toning up.

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