Practice Vocabulary

Practice Vocabulary

“Changing” money Scene: You are in a store, and you want to play the video game there . You need coins to operate the game, but you only have a ten dollar bill. You desire to ask the owner of the establishment for assistance. What should you say? First, you need to know the meaning of the word, “change”: change= an equal exchange of money of smaller values for a unit of higher value For example: 5 pennies are change for a nickel ten one dollar bills are change for a ten dollar bill

“Change” can also be used as a general term for coins. For example: I don’t have any change in my purse. So, how can you ask someone to give you change? Here are a number of examples: Excuse me, do you have any change? Excuse me, can you make change for a one dollar bill? There is also a verb form, “to change”: Excuse me, can you change a one dollar bill?

If you buy an ESL book that costs $7, and you pay with a $10 bill, you will get $3 in change back. The store employee might say, “Here’s your change,” as she gives you the three dollars. In this situation, there is a difference in value between the cost of the book and the amount of money you gave to the worker when you paid. The change refers to the money that the clerk must give back to you.

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