SAT Exam Dates

SAT Exam Dates

SAT exams aren’t offered all the time so you will need to review the available test dates. Generally, they are offered at least once a month at various locations. Those in charge of setting them up work hard to make sure there are testing facilities in locations close to high schools since it is generally seniors that take this test. The test dates are mainly on Saturdays with a couple of Sunday dates as well.

Approximately two million people sign up for the SAT exam annually so you need to choose your date soon. You don’t want to be stuck with what is left and having to take the exam at a facility that isn’t even close to you. The SAT exam dates are the same all over so that means they will be going on at facilities all over on the same dates. You must show up to the location where you have registered. If you don’t have a valid ticket for the test and a photo ID you won’t be allowed to enter the testing area.

The deadline for registering for a particular SAT exam date is generally about two weeks prior. The facilities can only accommodate a certain number of students at a time. This means the slots for the SAT exam dates are limited and they are on a first come first serve basis. If you don’t get your registration done early you may find it is harder to find another date that is going to work well for you.

No additional SAT exam dates will be added to the original schedule. They do run all through the school year as well as into the summer. Most high schools will talk to seniors early in the year about the SAT exam process. They will make sure they get a listing of the exam dates as well. You can also find out the entire schedule for the year online so that you can make a good choice as to your SAT exam date.

Make sure you have done some practice exams for the SAT before your test date. This way you will be sure to relieve some of your anxiety. Do your best to get a good night of rest the day before the exam. You also want to eat a healthy breakfast so you will be full of energy. Arrive at your SAT exam location early so you can find where you need to be. If you are late you may not be allowed to take the exam.

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