Seattle Lodging

Seattle Lodging

Whether we admit it or not, the rates play a crucial role in choosing Seattle lodging. However, those that cost a lot do not guarantee better accommodations, and those that require you to pay less do not exactly mean rotten Seattle lodging.

There are various types of Seattle lodgings available. So how do we distinguish one from the other? The different Seattle lodging classifications are as follows:

Seattle Hotels and Motels are accommodations according to room or suite. They have a front desk to take of customer issues. Every room should have its own bath and most hotels have some other facilities like pool, fitness center, or sauna.

Seattle Bed and Breakfast is a popular choice for those who require short-term Seattle lodging. This is usually private homes or small properties that are modified to house guests. This type of Seattle lodging usually has 20 rooms or less, and provides breakfast inclusive of the room rate.

Seattle Vacation Home Rentals are houses or condominiums that are fully-furnished for the guests’ convenience. This type of Seattle lodging is ideal for those traveling in groups and/or those who intend to stay long.

Seattle Extended Stay Suites and Hotels are basically hotels that have suites that are at least a quarter of the total rooms. This Seattle lodging type provides weekly and/or monthly rates, which cost less than when you base it on the daily rate. The extended stay suites and hotels aim to impress guests enough for them to consider staying longer. The suites are furnished and equipped with their own kitchen and laundry facilities.

Seattle Inns are hotel-like Seattle lodging but are generally smaller. These too have their own front desk but have less than 30 rooms. Most inns have bedroom entrance through a lobby or a certain common room. Breakfast is not always inclusive of the charges.

Seattle Conference Accommodation with Facilities provides a place for meeting or conferences as well as accommodations for at least 50 individuals. It must be able to provide necessary equipments like podium, microphone, projector, and the like.

There are several online sites that provide information on the different types of Seattle lodging. If you have an idea what particular accommodation you want, you can narrow down your search. Next, you need to find out which area you want to be at. Most Seattle lodgings are located adjacent or near a famous landmark or tourist sight. This will help you make your choice.

Planning your trip is already half the fun. And the other half lies mostly on how comfortable your stay was. If you do away with planning, it’s hard to achieve a satisfying trip. Even if there are hundreds of places to see in Seattle, you need to do your share to make your trip as worthwhile as possible.

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