Shop ‘Til You Drop — Literally

Shop ‘Til You Drop — Literally

Many people don’t realize how physically demanding shopping can be. Driving around from store to store, making your way through construction zones, traffic jams and detours is just the beginning. After finally arriving at the stores, the stress starts again. First you must locate the stores that you wish to shop at, and then walk throughout each store. Now at the time you are walking throughout all these stores, usually you won’t realize how much time is passing, or how much physical activity you are involved in: Walking, bending, stooping, etc. And if you are trying on clothes, that is just more activity on top of everything else. While you’re walking throughout each store, you may have to circle around several times, if you’ve forgotten a certain item or either changed your mind and want to go back and put an item back or get something.

Another exhausting part of shopping is not physical, but mental. You may not be able to find the items that you are looking for, prompting you to seek out assistance from the store employees. There may not be a store employee available when you need one, leaving you to stand around and wait for them to finish assisting other customers. The necessity to talk to all types of people, make quick decisions, remember prices and where things are located may not seem like it could physically exhaust you, and may even rather effortless. But the constant need to use you brain for such items, combined with all the walking and physical exercise can really tire you out. And again, you may not even realize that you are tired at the time, but as soon as you sit down for a bite to eat, or in the car at the end of the shopping spree, it will probably hit you all of a sudden.

Luckily for most people, there are only a few times a year when people feel the need to shop so much in one day. These times are usually when parents are shopping for their children’s school clothes each fall, during the Christmas season, and during other special sales that retailers hold at the end of each season.

There is no need to put your self through all of the unnecessary stress of these marathon shopping sprees. With more and more people realizing the convenience of shopping online, people are learning to avoid these ‘shop ‘til you drop’ times of the year

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