Shopping Canada Is Simply Fabulous

Shopping Canada Is Simply Fabulous

The Edmonton area is one of the most fabulous places in Canada for shopping, at least in terms of size. The world’s largest shopping mall is located here and shoppers can spend hours and even days happily wandering past the brightly lighted and attractive store displays.

West Edmonton Mall contains over 800 shops and 100 eating places and 9 world class entertainment activities. It is the number one tourist attraction in Alberta and covers the equivalent of 48 city blocks on the west side of Edmonton. There are so many things to see and do at the West Edmonton Mall that some people never bother shopping there, they just go for the entertainment features.

Galaxyland, associated with the mall since 1985 is the world’s largest indoor amusement park. There are 26 full-sized rides for thrill seekers of all ages, including the Galaxy Orbiter and singular roller coaster ride that never repeats. Teens are invited to Rock ‘N Ride Dance parties each school year at the Mall where from 8 to midnight, teens can get unlimited rides, watch two giant video screens and have all the danceable music anyone could ask for.

An ice rink, live performing sea lions in their own enclosure and miniature golf are just a few of the other attractions that bring people in by the thousands daily. People can enjoy window shopping Canada style and feel quite invigorated by it afterward.

Your shopping experience at West Edmonton Mall couldn’t be better. There are shops for swinging seniors as well as for toddling tykes and each one is made to feel unique no matter what body size you are. Merchandise from all over the world is found in the anchor stores as well as the specialty shops that make mall shopping so interesting.

And the food experience here could keep a gourmet satisfied for months to come. There are the usual ethnic cuisines and of course fast food places, but there are some unusual experiences in food shopping as well. For example, there is health food and an Asian Market located on the theme street known as Chinatown. Two other major theme streets are found at the mall–Europa Boulevard fashioned after major European cities; and Bourbon Street, that will make you think you are entering old New Orleans.

If you decide to make a vacation out of the mall, you can choose to stay at one of the luxury hotels located at the mall and in many other locations around the city. For those who like to shop, it’s the ideal vacation.

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