Skydiving Dropzones; Where to Find the Very Best Ones in the U.S.

Skydiving Dropzones; Where to Find the Very Best Ones in the U.S.

If you are considering skydiving, chances are you need to act quickly before you change your mind. There is no greater thrill in the world than experiencing falling through the wind at 120 mph, and it is an experience you are sure to never forget. One of the most important factors when considering skydiving is dropzone location. Simply put, this refers to the skydiving facility. While finding the best drop zone takes time and research, here are a few of the best facilities you’ll find anywhere in the world.

There are 275 drop zone locations in the United States, with at least a couple to choose from in nearly every state. Ohio has some of the best facilities with their drop zones located near open countryside. There are 11 total drop zones in Ohio and each one offers instruction in tandem skydiving. Florida boasts 16 skydiving drop zones with Florida Skydiving Center at Lake Wales ranking in the top place. This drop zone offers instruction in tandem and accelerated freefall jumps along with exceptional camping and recreation facilities. Another highly-ranked drop zone in Florida is Skydive City located in Zephyrhills, Florida. Skydive City offers some amazing deals on tandem skydiving, with packages starting at just $184. The tandem jump training at this facility is done in about 20 minutes with a jump concluding the training. For the ultimate beach skydiving experience, look into a drop zone located in Hawaii. There are two located in this island state and both offer incredible deals if purchased as part of a vacation package.

A great drop zone in Georgia is Skydive Atlanta located in Thomaston, Georgia. This facility also offers valuable training in tandem skydive in less than 30 minutes. Skydive Atlanta is the longest running skydive facility in Georgia and uses the same tandem equipment systems currently in use by the U.S. military. This facility boasts the largest and most open landing area in the entire state of Georgia. Also, you can watch your tandem skydiving experience on a big screen TV located on-site, as well as enjoy a discount meal at the Cutaway Café located right along the runway.

An excellent place to locate the perfect skydiving facility is This websites is packed full of skydiving information, with everything from equipment explanations to a list of skydiving facilities in the United States and abroad. Simply enter your own address to find the nearest skydiving adventure, or choose any region listed and find a facility as far as Asia or Africa. You can also check out the weather for your skydiving experience and be prepared in advance for any unfavorable conditions. You can enter other information such as if you wish to jump alone or tandem, questions about any equipment, or you can participate in the skydiving forums and chat with other experienced jumpers. Now that you know where to look, start planning your skydiving adventure!

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