Tandem Skydiving in the United States; Not Just for Experts!

Tandem Skydiving in the United States; Not Just for Experts!

So what exactly does it mean to do a tandem skydive? In Layman’s terms, it means that you no longer have to be an expert in skydiving to jump out of an airplane. With tandem skydiving, you don’t need any experience in order to experience the thrill of falling through the wind at 120 mph. The instructor handles every single aspect of the jump, from training, to exiting the aircraft, to deploying the parachute, to landing. While you will be trained in jumping techniques and how to land, the instructor handles everything for you. The training required to complete a tandem jump is minimal, and is an excellent way to ease your fears of skydiving.

There are many wonderful tandem skydiving facilities all across the United States. One such facility is AerOhio located in Cleveland. This facility instructs students on three main jumps; tandem, static line, and accelerated freefall (AFF). Not only does this facility offer some of the skydiving lessons around, but you will also find sales and service, air conditioned video and student classrooms, and free camping complete with hot showers. With jumps starting at $199 and amazing discounts offered throughout the year, this is one of your best bets for tandem skydiving.

Another great location for tandem skydiving is Skydive Atlanta located in Thomaston, Georgia. This facility also offers valuable training in tandem skydive in less than 30 minutes. Skydive Atlanta is the longest running skydive facility in Georgia and uses the same tandem equipment systems currently in use by the U.S. military. This facility boasts the largest and most open landing area in the entire state of Georgia. While some facilities require quite a haul from the instructional area to the aircraft, Skydive Atlanta only has a 20 foot walk from the classrooms to the airplane. Also, you can watch your tandem skydiving experience on a big screen TV located on-site, as well as enjoy a discount meal at the Cutaway Café located right along the runway.

You can view the ocean from thousands of miles in the air by skydiving in Zephyrhills, Florida. Skydive City offers some amazing deals on tandem skydiving, with packages starting at just $184. The tandem jump training at this facility is done in about 20 minutes with a jump concluding the training. Typically, a tandem jump with training takes about two to three hours. You can also enjoy great camping and other amenities at Skydive City. The facility provides 14 acres of camping and RV areas complete with an on-site restaurant, Sunset Bar, a full service laundry facility and hot showers. Make it a family adventure by planning your tandem jump and camping experience at Skydive City!

There are several other great tandem skydiving facilities all over the country. You can choose one close to your home if planning a full trip isn’t suitable for you. Many tandem facilities will offer on-site camping or provide you with a list of surrounding hotels, attractions, and restaurants. With so many places to choose from, you have no reason not to experience the ultimate thrill of tandem skydiving.

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