The University of South Australia

The University of South Australia

The University of South Australia was founded in 1991 from the merger of two big educational institutions, the South Australian Institute of Technology and the Colleges of advanced Education. It caters to more than 32, 000 students and is presently the largest public university in the South Australian state.

The University of South Australia is the highly acclaimed authority in technical education and applied research. It has four campuses in the city of Adelaide and two regional campuses in Whyalla and Mount Gambier, with each building having its own field of specialization. The University of South Australia was recognized as one of the top 200 univirsities in the globe, as published inTimes Higher Education Supplement.

The university also offers scholarship grants in their tertiary education. It has continuing commitment to provide quality education not only to the affluent and privileged members of the community, but also to those who have the potential but are financially challenged. The scholarship grants also include financial assistance and possible work opportunities for overseas travel.

The University of South Australia Library is designed as an interactive tool to promote and improve education and in collaboration with the academic staff of the university. The library offers modern facilities and electronic resources to make it easier for student to seek the particular information they need. The university is actually the leader in introducing the combination of online and campus-based education. This is in keeping their commitment to provide all the essential information needed by every student in the university. It is also the very first university in Australia to offer Aboriginal and Islander Studies.

There are also recreational facilities readily available and accessible to students.The school recognizes the importance the balance workout of bothphysical and mental faculties of every individual. Annual recreational activities are also organized to make sure that every student would not only find learning rewarding but it can also be fun.

The university is among the largest and rapidly growing universities in Australia today that continue to provide excellent quality education. More than 300 programs are available specifically tailored to respond to the demands of the corporate world. Each student in the university is provided with 24-hour free access of online facilities to assist both their learning and communication development. It is the goal of the university to produce graduates that could competitively keep up with challenges of the professional world and at the same time ensure the total growth of the person both intellectually and psychologically.

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