Titan Poker Special Offer

Titan Poker Special Offer

LifeMadness.com, the leading provider of online poker bonuses, is offering a forty dollar deposit bonus to all new Titan Poker users who sign up through the Life Madness web page.

“We are very pleased to provide this special offer to all of our users,” stated the spokesperson for Life Madness. “The forty dollar promotional bonus will be given in addition to the current sign up bonus being offered by Titan Poker. Currently, Titan Poker is offering all new users a one hundred percent bonus upon completion of the sign up process. Life Madness has decided to add an additional forty dollar deposit bonus as an incentive to its users.”

In addition to offering the forty dollar deposit bonus to all new Titan Poker users, the spokesperson for LifeMadness.com also stated that there are plans underway to expand the special bonuses that are being offered for other online poker rooms. “Currently, we are also offering our users a special sign up bonus for joining Bogdog and Party Poker. We are offering a thirty dollar sign up bonus for Bogdog, along with a thirty five dollar bonus for users that sign up for Party Poker through Life Madness. In addition to the Bogdog and Party Poker special offers, Life Madness is consistently on the lookout for new opportunities to provide our users with exclusive sign up bonuses or other special offers.”

Along with being the leading provider of online poker bonuses, LifeMadness.com offers many other unique components. The site features the latest news surrounding online poker, reviews of popular online poker sites and links to other relevant web sites. Life Madness also offers a self-updating RSS feed for users that prefer to receive their information in a different format.

To receive your forty dollar sign up bonus for Titan Poker, please visit the Life Madness web page at www.lifemadness.com to complete the sign up process for any of the special offers.

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