Travel to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica

Why has travel to Costa Rica become so trendy? Imagine a country nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, enticing visitors with its endless stretches of white sand beaches, unique wildlife, exotic rainforests, and warm welcoming people. These facets are just some of the few that Costa Rica offers each traveler seeking to be embraced by a topical paradise.

Costa Rica today, is a favorite and affordable destination for tourists all over the world. Travel to Costa Rica offers something for every traveler, from the adventure traveler, to families, to beach lovers, to nature enthusiasts, and to those just wanting to kick back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Depending on what area of the country a visitor is, the climate is tropical with average temperature that varies greatly on location. The beaches are endless and often not crowded. Lovers of water sports will take pleasure on outstanding windsurfing, surfing, fishing, and scuba. The inland jungle on the other hand, offers a different look at the wildlife and flourishing beauty of the tropics.

Travel to Costa Rica and vacations are well-liked because they stay affordable. Flights that are nonstop bound for Costa Rica connects to Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago, then to San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital. To add to this, the connecting service is accessible from hundreds of Canadian and US cities. Even cruise ships call every so often at the Gulf Ports of Costa Rica and offer daytrips to the country’s center. Dependable and affordable transportation connect the main tourist areas, and car rentals can be reserved for a cost of about $30 to $50 per day.

Accommodations during travel to Costa Rica vary from huge, luxurious, chain hotels, to intimate, deluxe hideaways, to active all-inclusive resorts, and to modest beachside escapes. Big chain hotels speck the beaches, typically along the central Pacific coast as well as the sophisticated city of San Jose. Popular inland accommodations are the smaller bungalow-style houses, some of which are quite luxurious set amidst luxuriant landscape. Hotels in Costa Rica are generally much less expensive than Caribbean resorts and offer the same level of hospitality and efficient service.

Eco-tourism is very popular in Costa Rica and you may want to consider it on your next travel to Costa Rica. Independent environmentally friendly cottage villages and lodges are a comfortable and responsible way to spend a vacation. Many houses and cottages are offered for rent in these villages and sometimes they offer really reasonable rates.

Travel to Costa Rica offers travelers affordable, scenic, diverse, and close-to-home vacations with fun-packed action for everyone in the family. To top that, it’s a vibrant, clean, friendly, and safe country that makes it a cool way to spend a vacation.

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