Trusting Nomex Blend When You Need To Stay Out Of Hot Water

Trusting Nomex Blend When You Need To Stay Out Of Hot Water

As a laborer or worker, you can understand the necessity of having a high quality, affordable solution for your work wear. You do not have to spend more for high quality clothing, and when you need protective work wear; you will find there are solutions that keep true to you and your needs. For instance, Nomex Blend is a line of work wear also called Cool Touch ®. This is an ultra-lightweight solution for men and women needing protection when things get hot.

Nomex Blend utilizes a material called Bulwark® that is naturally blended to provide flame or fire resistance when you need it the most. These designs in the Nomex Blend category are super light, comfortable, and professional. You will rest easy know you are being protected in any hazard.

There are numerous shirts and tops with this Cool Touch® technology. You will find:

Women’s Cool Touch ® short sleeve button front dress uniform shirts offer the woman a special fit that is best suited to the female gender. The short sleeves are great for added coolness and comfort. The front buttons are professionally placed with a high grade, protective button. The length is perfect to tuck into a pair of trousers or pants, and the two breast pockets are great for those wanting something extra in the functionality department. You really can look great while remaining professional!

Men’s Cool Touch® short sleeve button front dress uniform shirt is perfectly designed to fit the man. Offering more room in specific areas, and have a durability that is unbeatable. The two breast pockets offer additional versatility making these shirts perfect for any profession where comfort is necessary but flame resistance is necessary as well. The colors are perfectly suited for the man, and the material is easy to care for with less need for ironing. Wash, dry, and wear!

Women’s Cool Touch ® long sleeve button front dress uniform shirt is the perfect addition to the woman needing dress uniform blouses. These are something extra. You get a secure cuff at the perfect length allowing you to have a barrier of protection between you and your often hazardous workplace environment. The double breast pockets offer additional usability, and the attractive colors allow you to choose how you will look for the day. Protection, comfort, and style!

Men’s Cool Touch® long sleeve button front dress uniform shirt is perfectly designed with the man in mind. The button down collar means you look professional without having a collar loosely bombarding your face and/or neck. The long length makes it perfect for men of almost any height. These professional work shirts are great because they simply add versatility, usability, and functionality without taking away from the comfort.

No matter what you need when it comes to your fire or flame protection, you will find Nomex Blend offers you options when you need options. These high quality, comfortable shirts are ideal for men and women working in some of the harshest environments on the planet. The Nomex Blend tops are going to keep on going even when they take a lot of abuse.

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