Trusting PBI Gold Flame Resistant: Good Choices Made Easy

Trusting PBI Gold Flame Resistant: Good Choices Made Easy

When you are working, you expect your environment to be hazardous. You have chosen a career where sometimes, your work experience can toss you conditions you would rather not experience. Whatever hazardous environment you work in, you will find that there is a long line of Bulwark® certified and registered protective apparel perfect for your particular hazards. For instance, PBI Gold offers protective with 4060 blend of PBI and Kevlar®. Ah, the thermal stability and comfort factor are the best in the world.

PBI Gold Flame Resistant is one of the highest regarded protective apparel for many professions. In addition, the Bulwark® fabric insures this work wear is inherently flame resistant or FR. You get superior quality, value, and service without wasting undo time or resources on those fly by night companies that have not been around for almost 40 years. You rest easy knowing your work wear is working as hard as you are day after day regardless of how many times you need to launder your work wear.

PBI Gold takes pride in the gold coloration used for each piece of apparel designed. This is one of the ways you can tell this PBI Gold apparel from other apparel. The unique gold coloration is genuinely unique to Bulwark® fabric.

What do you get when you trust PBI Gold apparel to keep you out of harms way?

The Deluxe Coveralls

There is nothing like the full bodied protection offered by these deluxe model of coveralls. You get protection from harsh environments from the top of your head to your feet. There is plenty of room for you to move, yet this is form fitting enough to allow you the flexibility needed on the job. The buttons, zippers, and other metal features of these deluxe coveralls are protected with an extra layer of material to insure you do not have hot spots or burn throughs when things heat up.

The Jean Style Pants

These jeans are the ideal solution for individuals demanding a separate design rather than the complete picture. Of course, there are numerous benefits to purchasing and utilizing these special jeans or pants. You get the tradition jean style with the two rear pockets and the two front pockets and a zipper closure. The belt loops insure you can wear a belt or choose suspenders as you prefer. These are comfortable, and you can even choose your own length to satisfy your specific needs.

The Button Front Deluxe Shirt

Of course, when talking separates, you have to have a shirt or top and PBI Gold is no different. You can choose from a variety of shirts, but this is by far a favorite of professionals. You get to choose a size that is perfect for you well into the plus sizes too! You will find that you have a comfortable fit, and the extra protection makes you feel safe. You will find that these are a real value comparatively. Complete, genuine protective from a variety of hazardous conditions. That is what you get when you trust the PBI Gold line of work wear. Nothing is more benefit – nothing is more cost effective.

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