Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo Pants

If you have a fetish for belts, it’s time to lay off it for a while. Formal receptions or those who stress the dress code as black tie or white tie will finally make you part ways with that rope around your belly.

We probably all know that tuxedo pants are without the belt loops. But if they’re our size, which they are supposed to be, what would we need a belt for? Well, wearing a belt around a tuxedo pants is one big fashion blunder. The reason that tuxedo pants do not come with belt loops is simply because they are not supposed to be worn with one. That is why people find other ways to make the wearing of tuxedo pants more fashionable.

Suspenders are worn with the tuxedo pants in place of the belts. So you’re not exactly saying goodbye to those straps but you are merely strapping it someplace else. Anyway, most people who use suspenders on their tuxedo pants do not really need to keep their pants up. Suspenders may be functional but they are mostly just use as an accessory. People who have to contend with tuxedo pants that are two sizes bigger may find the suspenders to be more than just a look enhancer.

Most suspenders are not attached to the tuxedo pants like how they used to be some years back. In the past, suspenders are clipped on the waistband of the pants. Now, manufacturers have found a better way to attach the suspenders. They have sewn buttons on the waistband’s inner side. The suspenders are attached to these buttons easily and more securely.

Experts say that the most important rule in wearing tuxedo pants is to keep it from falling down to your ankles. Formal wear do not make use of belts. Thus, even if people are wearing cummerbunds, suspenders worn underneath will hold their pants up and prevent their shirts from popping up the waistbands. Even if suspenders are considered as somewhat decorative, they still serve a big purpose.

Also tuxedo pants always have stripes along the side of the leg. And while some men don pants with cuffs, they are still considered as a fashion no-no. Instead, tuxedo wearers are encouraged to go for those with plain bottoms.

Tuxedo won’t give the elegant look that it is supposed to give unless you wear all elements in order. From the jacket, to the pants, to the socks, and down to the shoes, there is simply no place for shortcuts.

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