We are all looking for that perfect fitting pair of jeans that are as attractive as they are comfortable

We are all looking for that perfect fitting pair of jeans that are as attractive as they are comfortable

The low rider jeans are not for everyone and if you pair them with a short wasted shirt, you may regret the decision. These pants are best worn with a blouse or a long waist turtleneck. You can accentuate your curves while still keeping covered. Adding a nice jacket or blazer will complete the look.

Many people give this style a bad rap because of the notorious problem of them sliding down too low. When you try on your low rider jeans you really want to test them for flexibility and movement. Try squatting, bending and sitting while you are in the dressing room. If the low rise jeans are restrictive or if they slide down too low you need to look for another size or another style.

There are plenty of styles to choose in this relatively new classic. I have three pairs of low rider jeans and each was tested in the dressing room before purchase. It took a lot of shopping to find ones that really fit appropriately and now that I have found my brand I am starting a comfy collection of low rider jeans.

The style has been pretty popular for over a decade now and I don’t think that it is a passing fad. Unfortunately, many people don’t really test their jeans before purchasing which is why so many criticize the look. However, if you find the right fit you are sure to be happy with your purchase.

If you spend an adequate amount of time exercising and maintaining a healthy diet you have earned the right to wear low rider jeans. Even if you are a little lanky or a little thick you can still pull this look off with ease. You just have to search for the right fit. The rest will fall into place.

Adding the right accessories will help you look fantastic in your low rider jeans and this style can be worn at almost any age if the right accompaniments are used. A woman in her 30’s wants to wear her low rider jeans with classic accessories while a younger girl can really embrace the trends. It all depends on the individual.

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