When traveling to Europe on an extended vacation one of your biggest concerns is going to be where you’ll stay

When traveling to Europe on an extended vacation one of your biggest concerns is going to be where you’ll stay

The reason many people decide to go this route begins with the cost factor. If you are traveling abroad with your entire family you are probably already well aware of the extra costs you’ll incur at most hotels. The majority of hotel chains, as well as independent hotels, add on extra person charges for each person, for every night of your stay. This can add up quickly. When you look at country houses to rent, the price quoted is typically the cost for an entire family.

Another benefit of this type of vacation rental is the added room and privacy. One drawback with many hotels is that you can hear everything that is going on in the rooms next to yours. This can be distracting as well as frustrating if people are talking loudly or playing music in the late evening. With country houses to rent, you’ll typically stay in a single family dwelling, just as you would at home. This is why they are often referred to as your “home away from home.”

Some companies that offer these types of accommodations have an option of providing a full staff for the house. Obviously this is going to cost more than it would were you to just rent the home, but think about the benefits of having a local staff on hand. Not only will they take care of your daily cleaning and meal preparation duties but they will also be able to provide priceless insider information on little known sightseeing treasures.

Finding these rentals isn’t nearly as simple as booking a traditional hotel. You need to do a bit of research yourself or visit a travel agent. If you do a quick online search you are likely to find several country houses to rent in the area you are traveling to. Many of these types of websites have images of the homes as well as a price guide for your convenience.

If your trip is during one of the high travel seasons of the year be certain to book your accommodations early. Even though country houses to rent aren’t as popular as hotels, many people are becoming aware of the comforts of this type of vacation stay, so they may fill up early.

Your trip should be filled with fantastic, fun memories and if you have everything in place before you arrive this is certain to be the case. Plan your airline travel and your accommodations well in advance and the only thing you’ll need to worry about is what you are going to pack.

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