Where To Stay In Benidorm, Spain

Where To Stay In Benidorm, Spain

If you are planning a trip to Benidorm, one of the more popular cities of the Alicante province, you will find that there are many Benidorm accommodation options from which to choose. Tourism is central to this region of Spain, particularly Benidorm which offers accommodations to meet the needs and preferences of everyone. In fact, there are over 170 hotels in Benidorm ranging from basic to luxury hotels which gives you the opportunity to find a hotel with your desired amenities, in your preferred location and within your budget.

You can research accommodations on the internet where you can compare hotel and property rentals to make the best decision. However, begin your search early especially if you are looking to travel during the summer season. The summer season is the busiest time of the year for these coastal cities and the hotels, apartments and villas fill up quickly. For summer travel, it is recommended that you make accommodation arrangements at least six months in advance. During your search, you should compare not only the prices but the entire package including the property’s amenities, proximity to attractions of your interest, restaurants that meet your tastes and style and generally what is important to make it the best vacation for you. If you are traveling as a family with young children, a hotel with a pool or other activities for children is something you definitely will want to consider. If the beach is the focus of you vacation, you will want to find a convenient beach front hotel. There are many things to consider, from nearby nightlife, sightseeing opportunities, accessibility of transportation and, of course, price. Larger hotels may have the swimming pools, restaurants and be closer to attractions than the smaller hotels or apartments, yet these small places may be closer to beautiful sightseeing opportunities. Likewise, when comparing accommodations, you must assess what is important for your vacation.

In addition to the considerations above, you should consider how long you will be staying. If you plan to stay for a longer vacation, renting an apartment may be the better option and more budget friendly than a hotel. Renting an apartment is often the preference of those traveling as a family, since they may prefer the privacy and “home” environment as compared to a hotel. You can find rental apartments or villas through travel agents based in Benidorm or even online, but a travel agent located within Benidorm will probably be able to give you more quality information on the best properties to rent and the rentals which are available. Another option, though, is to deal directly with the owner of the property. Many individuals purchase apartments as second homes, or vacation homes, and rent it out when they are not using it. Property owners may advertise available properties online or in travel magazines. Though you may have to do more searching to locate an owner yourself, you can save money by not paying a commission to the travel agent.

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