Who Wears Big and Tall?

Who Wears Big and Tall?

Sometimes, big and tall clothes sizes look like a stereotype. But they’re around because they’re needed; some guy really are just plain big and tall. So who needs to wear big and tall sizes? How big do you need to be, before regular sizes won’t work for you?

This is a good question, and it deserves a good answer. Some of the information can be found in sizing charts, and some of it needs to be learned from personal experience.

Sizing for Big and Tall

If you truly need big and tall sizes, chances are you’ve noticed. Off the shelf shirts and pants never quite seem to fit right; when the shirt sleeve is right, the body is tight; when the collar is right, the sleeve is too short; when your jeans fit your waist, the cuffs don’t reach your ankles. You know all the problems, and the solution is big and tall sizes.

There are some rules of thumb that you can follow, and should follow, when buying clothes. The most basic rule is this: order “tall” sizes if you are 6’2” or taller, and you chest size is greater than your waist size. Order “big” sizes if you are under 6’2” and your waist size exceeds your chest size. But how do you know your measurements?

Most of us know our height, but to get your chest size and waist size, you’ll need to measure yourself. It’s easier than you think.

Using a flexible measuring tape (they are easily available in craft stores or sewing supply shops), measure your chest circumference just below your armpits. Anything over 50 inches means you’ll need 2XL or larger. It’s important to note that different clothing brands will size their products differently, so make sure that you consult the correct sizing chart when you measure yourself.

Finding the Best Big and Tall Clothes

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