Work Clothes Convey Professionalism and Offer Durability

Work Clothes Convey Professionalism and Offer Durability

When you own or manage a business that requires employees to work out in the field, it’s important that your workers convey a professional appearance at all times. After all, their appearance is a reflection of your company. Similarly, if you have a manufacturing plant or operate a warehouse, the clothing your employees wear can impact safety, which is always a primary concern.

Styles of Work Clothes

For reasons of professionalism, safety, and conformity, industrial work clothes are (or should be) a requirement in any number of industries. One of the leaders in industrial work clothes is CornerStone, which offers the following types of apparel:

Work Jackets: Work jackets are made from cotton duck cloth fabric with a polyfill lining that withstands harsh conditions. Hooded work jackets feature a zipper front, drawstrings at the hood, rib knitting at the hem and cuffs, and muff pockets. Classic work jackets feature reinforced stitching at the shoulders and armholes, a zipper front, a corduroy collar, slash pockets, and hems and cuffs that each have two snaps for a more tailored fit.

Work Shirts: Industrial work shirts are available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles, and can typically withstand up to 50 washings by an industrial launderer. The fabrication of work shirts is a poly/cotton blend with a special treatment for easy cleaning of soiled fabric. These work shirts feature an open collar with stays, a metal collar gripper, melamine buttons, and two chest pockets. CornerStone work shirts come in a variety of colors, including white, light blue, navy blue, gray blue, petrol blue, light tan, light green, and light gray.

Work Pants: There are two basic styles of work pants. Both industrial pants and insert work pants have a poly/cotton twill fabrication, front and back pockets, and a zipper and button closure. Regular industrial pants have a solid fabric waistband, while insert work pants feature elastic inserts in the waistband for a better fit and added comfort.

Work Shorts: For warm weather and work conditions that aren’t climate controlled, work shorts combine comfort and professionalism. Like industrial long pants, work shorts are made from a poly/cotton twill and feature front and back pockets with a banded waist and zipper/button closure.

Branding Work Clothes

While high quality work clothes go far in ensuring safety and establishing the professional image of your company, they can also serve to enhance your “brand awareness.” By utilizing custom embroidery, your company’s work clothes can actually become a marketing tool.

Embroidery is a very cost effective form of marketing, especially if your employees are out in the field. The name of your company or your company logo can be embroidered on work shirts, as can the names of your employees. Businesses that sell work clothes frequently offer custom wholesale embroidery, and sew patches onto work clothes. There are a variety of factors that affect cost, such as the number of pieces that will be embroidered, the height of the letters, the number of stitches per piece, and whether or not special threads are utilized.

Just as CornerStone is a leading manufacturer of work clothes, work clothes should be a cornerstone of your business.

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